Alan M. Crawford

Alan was with Broan-NuTone, LLC prior to purchasing the company from them and was the General Manager for medicine cabinet manufacturing since it was consolidated into the Cleburne facility in 2007.  Alan began as the Engineering Manager with Rangaire (then a subsidiary of Broan-NuTone) and was responsible for all manufacturing and led varying roles for multiple product line transfers as well as plant consolidations, closures and start-ups in multiple locations for bath fans, range hoods and medicine cabinets.  Prior to joining the company, Alan held progressively responsible positions in manufacturing engineering and Operations Management for several large manufacturers.  He has more than 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and operations management in a wide range of industries including metal fabrication, semiconductors, and telecom.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Texas Tech University.


Brenda Reyna

EDI Specialist

Brenda specializes in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). She has 25 years of great experience in the customer service and professional field. Her day to day activities consist of processing orders, shipping notifications and invoicing. She started with Rangaire in April of 2014.

Kevin Hanks

Logistics Manager

Kevin is responsible for organizing the dispatch and delivery of goods in a timely and safe manner. He also negotiates transportation rates and services with carriers, and manages a diverse transportation team. He has been with Rangaire since August of 1987.

Colton Crawford

Sales Associate

Colton works as a sales associate for Rangaire MFG. Often traveling all over the united states to talk to buyers both potential and established. He also works to make sure our products are known, competitive, and desired. He does this by working closely with the various reps that we have around the country. Although just starting in 2018 this year he strongly expects to grow the brand and the business, and looks forward to the coming years with the team.

Nancy White

Customer Service Manager

Nancy strives to exceed customer’s expectations when it comes to service. She spends her day assisting customers with analytical, technical, and customer service support.  She has spent most of her years at Rangaire in Customer Service, but assumed the position of Finished Goods Scheduler for a period time between customer service assignments. She has been working at Rangaire since October of 1993.

Robert Ortegon

Safety and Maintenance Manager

Robert maintains safety operations of the facility, and oversees and maintains the operation of equipment to operate to the highest quality to produce great products. He has been working for Rangaire since 1986.

Raul Villalba

Metal Fabrication Supervisor

Raul supervises the fabrication process at Rangaire. He and his team check the production schedule every day, and work vigorously to make sure that every product is made on time. He oversees the use of raw materials in punching and forming the product bodies, and vigilantly inspects the raw materials, machinery, and formed bodies to ensure quality built products. Most importantly, he supervises safety regulations within the fabrication team. He began working for Rangaire in January of 1984.

Edward Morgan

Customer service Representative

Ed strives to provide the best customer service support to every customer he encounters. He talks to customers daily to help with placing orders and answering questions about the Jensen medicine cabinet line. He has been providing customer service for the past 11 ½ years. Ed is native to New Orleans and has been working at Rangaire since December of 2013.